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Praca do Comercio (Lisbon)

Arcades surround this magnificent square in Lisbon on three sides. There is a sculpture of King José I sitting on a horse in the center of the square.

The kings' palace Paco da Ribeira was located at this location until the big earthquake of 1755. Therefore, it is still called “Terreiro do Paco” (place of the palace). During flourishing times it was the representative reception salon for visitors who approached the city from the sea. Quite impressive is the Arco Triunfal, with its passage to the Rua Augusta. The southern side of the square is called “Cais the Colunas" (dock of the columns).

Date: 5th September 2002 - 5.17 pm
Number of Photos: 3
Definition: 2560 x 1704
Camera: Nikon Coolpix 5000 + FC-E8
Software: Panorama Tools, PTGui, Photoshop, Pure Tools
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