Panoramas of the world



Panoguide: the guide to panoramas and panoramic photography

James Rigg has created a comprehensive site devoted to panoramic photos. Here you find tips & tricks, software reviews and hundreds of examples in the gallery.



Philippe E. Hurbain has very special tips for shooting panorama pictures. The virtual tripod is a good technique if you don`t want to carry heavy equipment. What I like most on this website: "Kite aerial panoramic photography" - How to shoot panoramas from a kite.


International Association of Panoramic Photographers

Yes, there is an association. And you can join them.


A Timeline of Panoramic Cameras

Bill McBride put the history of panoramic photography together from 1843 to 1994.


Panoramic Photographs in the Library of Congress

A collection of several thousend panoramic pictures. Examples, short biographies of the photographers and a bibliography.


Panorama Tools of Helmut Dersch

Tips & Tricks and the old but one and only panorama tools. Don`t expect the website to have any design. Helmut Dersch is a German physics and mathematics professor. That explains it all.



A graphical (and commercial) front-end to Panorama Tools, that brings some usability to the work of Helmut Dersch.


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