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Colosseum II (Rome)

The reason why the Colosseum is called Amphitheatrum Flavium is because it was built by the kings of the Flavish dynasty. It was opened in the year 80 AD.

The capacity is being estimated at approximately 50,000 to 90,000 people. The different social classes were seated separately from each other. In the Colosseum, gladiators fought against each other or against wild animals to amuse the people. Usually it ended with their death. The last gladiator fights were conducted at the beginning of the 5th century, the last animal fights about 100 years later.

In 1349, the southern front collapsed due to an earthquake. Over several centuries, the Romans used the Colosseum as a quarry. That ended however, when Pope Benedikt XIV called the Colosseum a holy place in the memory of the Christian martyrs who had lost their blood here.

Colosseum I (outdoor)
Colosseum III (indoor)

Date: 28. April 2007 - 11.37
Number of Photos: 4
Definition: 2304 x 3456
Camera: Canon EOS 350D + Sigma 8mm
Software: Panorama Tools, PTGui, Photoshop, Pure Tools
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