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Gendarmenmarkt (Berlin)

Some people call it one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Before it got the name of Gendarmenmarkt, it was called Lindenmarkt, Friedrichstädtischer Markt, and Neuer Markt.

The Gendarmenmarkt is surrounded by the German and French Cathedral with the Concert Hall between. The square was used from 1736 to 1782 by the Regiment Gens d'Armes, which had their stables here. The French Cathedral was completed in 1705 as a church for the Huguenots who escaped from France to Berlin. Between 1780 and 1785, the impressive tower was added. The French and the German Cathedral and the Concert Hall were heavily damaged in the war and later restored. The Concert Hall was built by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. It is located where the National Theatre was before it burned down in 1817.

Date: 22nd May 2006 - 11.50 am
Number of Photos: 4
Definition: 2304 x 3456
Camera: Canon EOS 350D + Sigma 8mm
Software: PTGui, Photoshop, Pure Tools
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