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Little Beehive (Canada)

Many of the visitors to Lake Louise take a look at the lake only from its banks. However, the lake in its turquoise colour is best seen from above  - like here from the Little Beehive.

Actually Little Beehive can be reached in as little as an approximately two-hour walk from the banks of Lake Louise. The view from here does not only span over the lake, but also far parts of the Bow Valley can easily be seen. From the often-visited Lake Agnes, with its legendary tea house, it is only about a kilometer up to this hill. Even though Big Beehive is higher, it does not compare to the panorama view which is offered from Little Beehive.

Date: 29th September 2001 - 12.28 pm
Number of Photos: 14
Definition: 1024 x 768
Camera: Olympus Camedia C-2000 Z
Software: Panorama Tools, PTGui, Photoshop, Pure Tools
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