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Sydney III (Australia)

Sydney is often called the most beautiful metropolis in the world. And there is a reason for that. The quality of life in this city is hardly to be overestimated - dozens of sandy beaches nearby, a picturesque port, and generous parks do put Sydney on top of the list.

The port, with its Curcular Quay is without a doubt the main attraction of Sydney. The world-famous opera and the fascinating Harbour Bridge became landmarks of the entire continent. By the way, construction of the Opera House was ill-fated. After running out of money, a lottery saved the project of the Danish architect Jörn Utzon. Later, in 1973, the opera was finally opened. The port, the opera, the bridge, and the skyline of the city may be easily photographed in panorama pictures from the foot of the bridge, as well as from the botanical garden.

Sydney I
Sydney II

Date: 2nd January 2003 - 10.32 am
Number of Photos: 3
Definition: 2560 x 1704
Camera: Nikon Coolpix 5000 + FC-E9
Software: Panorama Tools, PTGui, Photoshop, Pure Tools
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